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Our streamlined booking process is simple to use and hassle free for scheduling in your wheelie bin cleaning. Simply choose how many bins you’d like cleaned, create your account, provide your details and confirm your payment – it’s that simple! All you need to do is leave your bins out on your scheduled bin day and our wheelie bin cleaners will clean them before 6:00pm – we’ll send you a SMS reminder the night before. Whether you’re looking for an end of lease bond clean, a once-off residential clean, or a scheduled fortnightly bin clean for a commercial business, Turbo’s Wheelie Clean has you covered.

What size bins can you clean?

We can clean standard 120L, 240L and 360L domestic wheelie bins, as well as larger 660L and 1100L commercial use bins. We don’t clean steel bins or bins that are not on wheels at this stage.

How many bins can I have cleaned?

You can have as many bins as you like cleaned. Additional bins comes an additional fee, however we discount the more bins you have. Please refer to our pricing module online. 

Can I swap what bins are cleaned with a regular service ?

No, the bin(s) that we first clean and put a sticker on is the bin(s) that we will attend to on your scheduled cleaning date. Extra bins can be booked in as a once off.

Do I need to supply water supply?

No, we have our own water supply onboard our vehicle.

Do I need to be home ?

No, we have a fully self-contained bin cleaning machine, all you need to do is leave your bins out on the day of cleaning.

What happens if my bins are not left out for cleaning?

If the bins are not out for cleaning and we have not been notified, you will be charged half the bin clean cost and we will return on your next scheduled bin clean. We do not look for the bins, all we simply ask is that bins remain out on the day of cleaning until 6:00pm.

Do you send a reminder before the bin clean ?

Yes, we send a SMS the night before the clean as a general reminder to the mobile number supplied when the booking was made.

What happens if I am unhappy with the results?

We will return and re-clean the bin(s). If we can’t get the result we promise we will refund accordingly.

Will you still clean my wheelie bin in bad weather or on public holidays?

Yes, we work every bin day.

I’m going on holidays, can I pause my clean?

Yes. you can pause your clean. Log into your account on our website, head to the billing section and click ‘pause subscription’. You will not be charged and bins will not be cleaned until your subscription is active again.

What happens if my garbage is collected later than usual?

We try very hard to keep up to date with the timing of the bin emptying but as we rely on the rubbish trucks being on time – and the fact that they could empty the rubbish at 7am and the recycling at 2pm – we must time our run to always arrive after the bins have been emptied. Because we rely so heavily on the trucks to arrive on time, if it gets too late or the trucks are running late (which does happen often), we reserve the right in our terms and conditions to arrive before 10am the following morning.