To protect your family’s health and hygiene. By using our wheelie bin service we are not only cleaning your bin and removing odours, we’re also hygienically cleaning it to remove any nasty germs and viruses.

No, we carry our own portable water supply. Turbo’s Wheelie Clean’s equipment is completely self-contained with it’s own high pressure hoses.

You can book and pay online with credit card. Simply choose your subscription (fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or one-off) and enter your credit card details as instructed on the form.

Turbo’s Wheelie Clean recommends regular cleaning every four weeks, this gives the best results of costs vs effectiveness in eliminating odours and keeping the general cleanliness of the bin under control. We can also arrange a plan that suits your specific needs, budget and requirements.

No, as we clean the wheelie bins on the same day it has been emptied by the garbage collector, so please don’t forget to leave your bin out so we can clean it!

If you forget to leave your bin out we won’t be able to clean it. If this happens, we request you contact us as soon as possible in order for us to reschedule the service. You may still be charged for the service as our operator would still have travelled to your address, attempted to locate your bin and completed any associated internal admin work.

We use only 100% biodegradable products that kill 99% of germs, fungi and viruses, and our equipment not only cleans your bin, it also recycles and filters all the water used. Further to this we also do not deposit any waste illegally on the roadside.

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